KCET Answer Key 2020

KCET Answer Key 2020

KCET 2020 Provinal Answer Keys

KCET 2020 Answer Keys

Answer key for the KCET 2020 exam has been released in the month of August 2020. The exams for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology were conducted on 30th and 31st of July 2020.

Answer key is released in two phases wherein the candidate can raise objection/ challenge the response which will be verified by the authorities.

  1. The Provisional Answer Keys: The Candidates can go through the Answer Keys and in case of any challenges, the candidates can submit their response and claim it through mail or post to KEA Board.
  2. The Final Master Answer Keys: Which will be the final decision of the Board and it cannot be changed.

The Candidates can compare their answers as marked in OMR sheets against the answers displayed in official KCET answer key to calculate their score. The KEA will release the KCET Answer keys separately for each subjects and each sets of paper (each exam given in 16 sets of paper like A1, A2…).


The candidates will be given a copy of their answer keys after finishing the exam, which they can to calculate the expected scores.

KCET Final Answer Keys

Final Answer keys for KCET 2020 has been released online on KCET official website on August 2020. The exam was held on 30th and 31st of July 2020 and the Provisional Answer keys were released earlier for which objections were asked to be submitted. Final answer keys were released after going through the objections.

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KCET Provisional Answer Keys

Provisional answer keys for KCET 2020 exam which was held on 30th and 31st July 2020 has been released. Candidates can file objections if any through online mode. No other mode of objections will be accepted.

2019 Last Year Provisional Answer Keys

Objections against the Provisional Answer Keys

The Provisional ANSWER KEY will be published on the date notified by KEA on the KEA Website: http://kea.kar.nic.in.

Online Objection facility is now open for KCET applicants and candidates can submit their objections online mode to KEA KCET website

Objection window for Applicant

Objection window for Applicant

Objection window for Non-Applicant

Objection window for Non - Applicant

Objections against the Provisional Answer Keys

The Provisional ANSWER KEY will be published on the date notified by KEA on the KEA Website.

The candidates / parents / lecturers can file their objections, if any, addressed to the “Executive Director, Karnataka Examinations Authority, Bangalore” on or before prescribed date either in person or only through SPEED POST / email: keauthority-ka@nic.in, with regard to any of the published answer Key, along with all supporting documents / justification.

The objections received by the KEA will be placed before an Expert Committee, whose decision will be final for determination of the right answer key. The answer key approved by the Expert Committee will be applied during evaluation for determination of merit order.

Request for re-totaling or revaluation of the OMR answer sheets will not be entertained, as the valuation and the subsequent scoring will be error free.

What is ‘G55’?

After the declaration of the results, the candidates may not get ranks assigned mainly for the following reasons :

  • For want of Q. E. marks, a candidate might have missed the rank.
  • A candidate might have marked the version code wrongly.
  • Q. E. marks may change due to revaluation or otherwise, when corrected, a fresh ranking becomes necessary.
  • The KEA computers are programmed to assign new ranks or fresh ranks to the candidates falling within the above said categories without disturbing the rank numbers assigned to the candidates whose results were declared earlier.
  • The computer program is such that it can assign ranks in between two integers without altering the previous rank numbers.
For example.

When a rank was assigned to you, rank 1234 and 1235 had been assigned to two other candidates. When it came to assigning a rank to you, the computer found that in the normal course, your rank would have been after the candidate with rank 1234 and before the candidate with rank 1235. Therefore, the computer had to place you between 1234 and 1235.

The computer is programmed to generate large number of ranks between two integers by dividing the space alphabetically from A to Z.

Then each alphabet is subdivided from 1 to 99.

Now, if a new rank is required to be assigned between two integer ranks, in the first instance, the computer assigns a division number as ‘G 55’ before the previous rank.

If one more rank needs to be assigned between the rank 1234 and 1234 G 55, the computer assigns a rank as 1234 G 44

If one more rank is to be assigned between 1234 G 55 and 1235, then it assigns a rank as 1234 G 66.

Steps to calculate the score from KCET 2020 Answer key

  1. Student can score maximum marks of 180 in KCET 2020
  2. Students can check how much marks they have scored out of 180 and confirm if they are eligible or not
  3. One mark for each question should be allotted as their is no negative marking scheme
  4. Calculate the total marks scored.