Importance Of Group Study

Importance Of Group Study

By Team Tardigrade

Studying can be monotonous and boring at times. With board exams and entrance exams that require the utmost concentration from the student, it is natural for the student to falter in their path every now and then. It is therefore, imperative to break the monotony of learning and find ways where a student enjoys learning. Learning must not only be fun but must also be productive and lead the student in the right direction. Group study is one such activity, where learning can be both fun and productive with a right group.

Right crowd will always be helpful in assisting you with your studies, so mingle with the right crowd.

Here are some of the benefits of group study:

  1. Breaks up monotony of studying alone: You are not alone but surrounded by your friends. Break the monotony and study with new vigour with the like minded individuals. It is fun to study in a group than in seclusion. There is no harm in giving it a try.

  2. No more procrastination: Studying in group motivates students to study. Procrastination is the worst enemy in the road to success, so with the help of friends you can fight this with the help of their motivation and encouragement. Good friends will always help in your quest and push you in the right direction to achieve your goal.

  3. Share and discuss study tips: One of the main advantage of group studies is that – students share and discuss amongst them on various topics, it helps in understanding some of the difficult concepts. It generates new ideas in learning.

  4. Learn faster: Learning faster helps in covering more number of topics in less time and group studying helps achieve that.

  5. Exchange ideas and notes: More study material can be exchanged, ideas, tips and tricks related to studies are exchanged frequently. This helps students to learn in a better way.

  6. Hones People Skills: You will get to know how to communicate with others, know what to talk and when. People skills will be helpful as you climb up the professional ladder in your life later.

  7. Makes learning fun: Most of the people say that studying is a serious job but it need not to be that always! It is fun in group studying making way to great interaction, new friendship, good exchange of ideas.

  8. Clarify doubts: Most of the students hesitate to raise their doubts. They don’t ask their teachers or seniors. So, group study sessions is the right platform for them to discuss their doubts amidst the friends, who may clarify them or clarify them later with the help of teachers.

  9. Sharpen listening skills: Listening is a most valued skill that is underrated. Talking is easy but listening is hard. Just by passive listening many would have got to know things, instead of talking. Be a passive listener and see for yourself.

  10. Lets you know your mistakes: You might have tripped at the same place many a times but may have failed to take a notice of that. That’s where your buddies in the study group come into picture.

Points to be kept while studying in a group

  • Do not indulge in talking, healthy discussion about studies is more important than indulging in useless banter

  • Mix with the right crowd

  • Do not deviate from your goal

  • No gaming

  • Do not forget to take adequate breaks

  • Do not lose focus

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