Best CBSE Board Exam Reference Books for Class 11th and Class 12th

Best CBSE Board Exam Reference Books for Class 11th and Class 12th

By Team Tardigrade

Class 11th and 12th are the two important years in the student’s life, which is often regarded as one of the crucial and major turning point a student face. These two years decides the course of the student’s professional study path. Therefore, it is imperative for the student to set their priorities right in these two years and focus of their goals. Whatever preparation they make in these years will reflect in the coming years. A mindful study and healthy objective will help the students to sail smooth without much hurdles in their path. It is important to keep in mind that class XI and XII sets the foundation right and helps student in the long run.

Right after Class 10th, students want to taste their new freedom, outside the boundary of school, which is natural but it is also important that their performance in class 12th is itself a milestone that decides the next chapter in student’s life.

CBSE Board exam is one of the difficult exam, a student can face. A proper plan and preparedness will help student pass in flying colours. The first step is to understand the syllabus and weightage attached to each topic. The books that is recommended for CBSE board are NCERT textbooks, that is vouched by every student. Apart from NCERT, there are other books that can be referred to have a good prep.

Reference Books For Class 11


Best Reference Books For Class 11

Publication / Author


Senior Secondary School Mathematics: for Class 11

RS Agarwal

Mathematics for Class 11

RD Sharma


Concepts of Physics

HC Verma

New Millennium Physics Class-11


Understanding Physics

D C Pandey


ABC of Chemistry

Modern Publications


ABC of Biology

Modern Publications

Important topics/chapters – Physics

  1. Rotational Motion

  2. Kinematics of SHM

  3. Newton’s Law of Motion

  4. Units and Dimensions

Important topics/chapters – Chemistry

  1. Chemical Bonding

  2. General Organic Chemistry

  3. Chemical Equilibrium

  4. Atomic Structure

  5. Stoichiometry

  6. Gaseous State

Important topics/chapters – Mathematics

  1. Probability

  2. Permutation and Combination

  3. Coordinate Geometry

  4. Logarithm

  5. Quadratic Equations

Important topics/chapters – Biology

  1. Plant Physiology

  2. Diversity in Living World

  3. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

  4. Cell Structure and Function

  5. Human physiology

Reference Books For Class 12


Best Reference Books For Class 12

Publication / Author


CBSE Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Question Bank

Oswaal Publications


Senior secondary school maths – Class 12

R S Aggarwal

Mathematics Class XII (set of 2 volumes)

R D Sharma


Concepts of Physics

HC Verma

Objective Physics

D.C. Pandey

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnick and Walker


ABC of Chemistry

Modern Publications

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry

O.P. Tandon

Dinesh Chemistry



Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2


Objective Biology


MTG’s Objective NCERT at your fingertips


Important topics/chapters – Physics

  1. Optics

  2. Electronic Devices

  3. Communication Systems

  4. Atoms and Nuclei

  5. Electrostatics

  6. Dual Nature of Matter

  7. Magnetism

Important topics/chapters – Chemistry

  1. Solution

  2. Electrochemistry

  3. Kinetics

  4. Surface chemistry

  5. p block element

  6. d and f block elements

  7. Aldehyde and ketone

  8. Haloalkane and haloarene

Important topics/chapters – Mathematics

  1. Calculus

  2. Vectors and 3D geometry

  3. Probability

  4. Relations and Functions

  5. Algebra

Important topics/chapters – Biology

  1. Reproduction

  2. Genetics

  3. Human welfare

  4. Biotechnology

  5. Ecology

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